Convert your Hero 5,6,7

We’re very pleased to be able to offer wired control on the hero 5, 6 and 7. It’s taken us just over a year to be able to offer this product. We are very happy to take in your camera and add the wired control. We take the camera apart and have mastered the art of putting it back together - you will not be able to tell that it’s been apart. The wired control cable comes through the top of the camera, which we reseal with plastic. This is a permanent change to the GoPro that makes it perfect for motorsport. The cost to add wired control is £99, and it takes us just over 1 day to complete. We then send it back to you insured next day delivery. This will completely change the way you’re using GoPro onboard. No more messing around or wasted footage. You are in complete control from the dash!

Note: we provide the details of where to send your camera to once the order is placed. 

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