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  Over 1000 drivers are now controlling via wired remote. Don't get left behind!


I've been racing for long enough to understand the frustations of using a GoPro in car. I've designed and developed this controller so that the driver is in complete control of when the camera records, and when it doesn't. 


To provide racing drivers with an independent way to activate the GoPro camera and start recording in one push of a button. We supply the wired remote, and complete GoPro Motorsport packages! Everything you need to start recording your action, from one place. We also build custom solutions for multiple GoPros to be triggered together. We have supplied remotes to over 500 drivers, and companies as big as NASA! Get in touch with your requirements today.



  • Suitable for Hero 1, Hero 2 and Hero 3 camera. Hero 3 silver models are not compatible. Note: all Hero 3's have a silver coloured front, but the colour of the number '3' represents your model. i.e. white, black, or silver. See right images

  • Hero 4 requires a specific solution. Drop us an email to discuss

  • Requires the back door of the mount to be drilled to allow the remote

  • One button push, and you're on and recording

  • LED and Non LED versions available

  • Hold the button to stop recording and turn off the camera

  • Wire length 3 metres by default

  • First class post within the UK. Get in touch for international shipping costs

  • Remote units start at £40. Send us a message or use the buy now buttons!

  • Have an incompatible model? Drop us a message. We will take it as a PX for a compatible version.

Supported Models

Note: black models turn on and record with one click, but don't turn off with a hold.

Unsupported Models

Note: hero 4 models require a special wired remote solution. Drop us a message

Order A Remote 

Order a non LED remote today!

Delivery within 2 working days. £40

Order a LED status remote today!

Delivery within 2 working days. £60

Order A Complete Package
Order A Complete Package

GoPro Hero 3 HD, Wired remote, SD card, Rollcage mount. £199

GoPro Hero 4 with wired control, SD card, Rollcage mount. £250




For any enquiries please email goproremote@gmail.com or fill out the following form.

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